Praising Forever

88888-1399-Music-notes-across-ElementI was doing some editing on my latest project while the local Christian radio station played quietly in the background. Suddenly a song came on that was familiar enough to bring my attention away from the words in front of me to the words in the song.

Ah. My eyes closed and I was transported back twelve years or so in time, to a season of learning just how important praising the Lord is to survival. I sat with eyes closed as the words wrapped themselves around me like they had so long ago. A simple song. One I had played over and over as a reminder that I was loved,  that no matter what happened, I was not alone. That God was with me. Always. And praising Him, something I’d practiced for so long, took on a whole new meaning.

I rarely hear the song anymore. But it always pulls my mind out of whatever its focus is on to sigh, smile, and praise.