To whom do you pray?

When I’m asked a question like “to whom do you pray?” I have to wonder what exactly is the person’s point? Is this a trick question? Are they trying to be cute? Do they really not know or understand who it is that hears my prayers?

I’ve been doing research on praying. How people pray. What they pray. Why they pray. prayer-1308663_1920Who they are praying to. There is a part of me that always questions if I’m doing things correctly, so I study those who have more wisdom, more life experience. And I try to balance what I study with different viewpoints, trusting God to direct me in the path He’s given me.


To know to whom I pray, it has to first be known who I am. I am a believer, known as a Christian, sold out, born again, spirit filled… many labels we’ve acquired over the centuries. Bottom line, I have accepted Jesus by faith as my Lord and Savior. He is one-third of the triune God. So I always go back to how Jesus taught us to pray.

Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

No, I don’t always repeat those words when I pray. But if someone asks me ‘to whom do I pray?’ I can say I pray to my Father, the holy, honored, revered creator, to ask that all the glory in heaven be seen here on earth as we reach others to join us in that kingdom, to fulfill His will that all are brought into that fellowship. I pray to my heavenly father, recognizing that as with a father, there is great love, and discipline, offered me; an unbelievable source of power whose desire for me is far nobler than anything I could achieve without Him.  And then, as I’m praying to God, I share my earthly needs, spiritual, physical, emotional, relational… and I ask that He reveal where I’ve fallen short so I can set things back in order. I pray that as this world around me continues to morph into deeper darkness and chaos, that in Him I can resist the temptations that would put a rift between He and I.

Rarely the same words used. Rarely in a specific order. Always aware, and in awe of, the Glory of the God that is worthy of my praise.

To whom do I pray? God. Starting always with the Father. Sometimes moving on to Christ. Sometimes needing the Holy Spirit and what He offers. Three-in-one. God. One God, different roles? I’ve heard it described that way. Different roles, one purpose. Yes, I believe that that is one way our frail human minds can try to describe the indescribable.

Prayer: Communicating in a way that fits the person I am, while remaining respectful, submissive, and loving. He is, after all, Father. He is, after all, God and I am not.


Just a note: If you are in need of prayer, I consider it a great honor when I’m allowed to pray for someone. In the menu bar, there is a link to my prayer request page on this site. If you find yourself in need of prayer support, please let me know. Blessings.


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