Where Do I Go From Here?

When the worst that could happen, happens. When the worst eventually turns out to be far from the worst, and the emotions have run their course and you are faced with a reality you just don’t know what do to with, then what?

Maybe the disciples had this question raging in the back of their minds as they tried to settle into the reality of the events they’d just gone through. Jesus was here. Then He wasn’t. Then He was. Now it looks like He’ll be gone again.

choice-2692575_1920How many of us face life-changing events and end up feeling like we’re staring into the future feeling lost as to what comes next.

God has a plan. He always has a plan. We study scripture so we can understand His plan. If we believe God we follow the plan. But still, what will happen next? Even if all goes according to the plan, what is next? There always will be a ‘what is next’ thought that creeps, or leaps, into the mind. And the mournful ‘where do I go from here?’ is never far behind.

Instead of trusting God and His direction, sometimes we get impatient with God’s timing, which leads to doubt, which makes us think we have to figure things out with the limited information we possess, and then fix things that don’t need to be fixed; things that just need some time to work themselves out as proof that God really does know what He’s doing, whether we do or not.

Being prepared for what lies ahead is not a bad plan. God expects us to use the brains and the resources He gave us. He also gave us emotions to enrich our lives and He understands how powerful they can be, even dangerous if left uncontrolled. But faith is not based on emotion. If it were, how easy it would be to walk away from our faith after one or several difficult days left us in a foul mood. Or an amazingly good day or days enticed us away, promising endless similar days that fit what we decide is an easier plan.

When we want to moan, ‘where do I go from here?’  can the answer be so simple as to follow God? Follow the instruction of His Holy Scriptures? Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit?  Peace is available in the process if we can follow Him without demanding our own way.  Simple? No, the process is not always simple. No snapping of the fingers, or twitching of the nose. It takes effort to maintain a relationship with God, just as it does with people. It means establishing priorities that demand some things,  some people, have to be placed further down on the priority list or, perhaps, even go entirely. That part is not easy. Worth it? To establish more firmly our relationship with God, yes! So, where do we go from here? Forward, toward God, one step at a time.

Through your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. I have sworn an oath and confirmed it, to keep your righteous rules. – Psalm 119:104-106

Next blog: But why?

NOTE: I invite writers, church leaders, believers with a testimony, who would like to guest blog to contact me at vicki@vickiwhitlock.org for more information. I am open to one guest blog, or a series of guest blogs. I am open to scripture studies, short stories, poems,  great recipes and tips for around the house. If you have a blog idea different than these, as long as it fits into the faith theme of this site, then we can discuss it. My desire is to share God and to share this space He’s provided for me.        – Vicki





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