Sounds, smells, and sights

Sometimes early in the morning, just as the light is first appearing, I sit by an open window and soak in the sounds of the birds,


the sight of the leaves in the trees waving at me,


and the smell of the grass that was cut the day before.grass-905179_1920



I see these as gifts from God, a chance to enjoy part of his creation, even though I sit in a second story apartment in the middle of town. I think on the creation story in Genesis, and smile, knowing He called it good.

I don’t have any deep or profound theological thoughts as I enjoy the day unfolding. I smile, and watch the light getting brighter and brighter, and just enjoy what my senses are revealing to me.

Sometimes the simple things of life, things that, despite being simple, are amazingly complex, offer simple joy. A time to be a child enjoying the gifts the Father has given.


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