Old Tools

Betty’s Blog

I had done all I could do, but I was getting nothing accomplished. I thought I had all the right tools.  The world was on my shoulders.  Every attempt I tried, failed.  I was bucking the wind all alone, against all odds.  That’s when I realized I had taken to using the wrong tools.  I ran swiftly to the old carpenter shop for the old weathered tools, hoping he would loan them to me.

When I arrived at the shop, I lay down my tools called selfishness and pride. This carpenter knew all the tricks of the trade for he himself had been sorely tried.  I quieted myself down, wanting to stay by his side.  Nothing was said between us.  I was content to be there in his presence.  He seemed busy, and practically ignored me, but I stuck there close, next to his side. hammer-1543973_1920 Then suddenly, he stopped what he was doing, picked up two old weathered tools. One was called love, the other compassion.  “These are your tools, use them wisely,” he said.  Then, looking me straight in the face as a friend to a friend he said, “No need to return them”

“Now I tell you I am perplexed by the love of this carpenter.  Why, would he give his best tools to me?”


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