The Lofty Mountains

Betty’s Blog

As I was standing in the valley, I looked to the lofty mountains that towered over me.  They were surrounded by the bluest of blue skies.  The snow was still embedded in the crevices so very deep. The fresh smelling rain had washed away any doubts I had ever had that there was no God.  These huge hills were covering the earth with lush grass growing bright green. As my eyes gaze in the distance, my uncouth life became encased by that moment.  I had a voice, but I could not speak. I heard the clear waters flee the rocks that were being pushed by turbulent streams. They were rushing unscathed violently to their destination.  This power moving showed me I would never be able to escape alone for God is ultimately in control of my destination of when, where, and how my life would come to a final end.  These turbulent waters unknowingly face the unknown around the bend yet still yield their powers to him.

I too have faced rough waters; huge rocks have strewn me into unknown paths but of this one thing I am confident, that by yielding I will arrive at my destination completely scoured, and purely clean.







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