Under Scrutiny

One of the definitions of scrutiny includes referring to the careful examination of data that is judicial, public, and scientific.
When I was listening to someone not so long ago refer to themselves as being under scrutiny, my mind, of course, went in many directions.
Sometimes in our work, we are under scrutiny to assure we are doing our jobs correctly. Or we are under scrutiny to make sure we aren’t a bad example. In the world of social media, it seems everyone is under scrutiny.  Sometimes just because we are staying in contact with friends and care about what is happening in their lives. Sometimes because we are looking, consciously or unconsciously, for something to be critical of, to make comment on, to somehow prove to ourselves that we are not like the others. 

I sincerely hope it is a misconception on my part that my observations of people in the last decade have shown me that sometimes people are so obsessed with being individualistic that they have forgotten the strength and joy found in being part of a like-minded community. Even a popular type of community found online cannot have the connection that physically being with others that share your same world views, concerns, affections, and goals do.

My thinking process naturally turned to the Bible in relation to the definition I shared at the beginning of the post. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament are full of examples of the judicial process. In my research, I found a ten page PDF file of a report on how the judicial process came about in the Old Testament.  It is logical, if as a believer I recognize God as Supreme Judge, that I accept that He would assure a proper system was set in place by those who penned the scriptures.

It also would seem logical to include anything public in the idea of Biblical scrutiny. There is accountability among fellow believers to be and do the things pleasing to God, in regards to ourselves and to our fellow Christians.

Then there is science. I love science, and I am a firm believer that science reveals God to mankind. There are scientific examples in the Bible of things that for a long time were unexplainable, and so discounted as myths or stories to explain something that couldn’t be explained. But modern science, bit by bit, is proving what we who believe by faith have known. The Creator’s level of intelligence and creativity cannot be matched by mankind, and the mysteries of creation are slowly being uncovered.

One last thought. I know that every time I put word to paper (or word to a computer screen), I am putting myself into a position of being under scrutiny. It’s a good thing for others to read, and to weigh knowledge and truth in what they’ve read. I have hope that any scrutiny is deep enough it leads someone to do their own research, decide in their own hearts the right, or wrong, in what they have scrutinized. I am not infallible. Believe me, I know that. I’m learning as I go, just like everyone else.

Being under scrutiny doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But when you are the one scrutinizing something, or someone, remember to be like the Bereans and check things out before you come to conclusions.

It might just be someone like me who is working through this life of faith and sharing the journey, ready for a new revelation. Always.

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