rain, cooler weather, gratefulness

The change from uncomfortably hot to cooler days has led me to sit by an open window next to the computer desk to begin this blog again. I’ve spent a lot of time seeking the Lord on what to do with my writing. As I said earlier in the month, I was going to spend July praying, and I have, but sometimes you can keep gnawing at something long after the answer has already been given, wondering if you really understand the answer enough to act on it. The Lord doesn’t let me get away with that for long anymore. He’s not big on procrastination, which has too often been the case where I’m concerned. So here I am before July is over.

This blog will continue, with some visual changes for a more light-hearted approach, as well as some directional changes.  Ponderings, without a doubt. Teaching, not intentionally. If the Lord gives you something out of what I’ve written, praise Him for that, and Him alone. There is also a good chance that other areas of interest will find their way here as well.

Some of my other writing efforts will change as well. I will be putting proper perspective and time management where it belongs to accomplish a God-given assignment, so some other areas associated with writing will cease.  I’ve been working on that during the month and already seeing positive results. God is faithful!

I think the best that can happen as I visit this ‘pondering place’ and I share with you, the blog will take on a life of its own as we continue this journey of faith together. Hopefully, a place not only for pondering but for communication.

God’s richest blessing my friends. – Vicki


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