It sometimes catches me by surprise when I sit down to read Scripture and find just how much wonder is packed into just a few verses.

Today I started reading Colossians. Again. I love this book. Love how each time some different truth rises to encourage and fortify me.

Today, in the first chapter, verses nine through fourteen called out to me the promises and hope we all have. It is presented as a prayer of Paul for the Colossians. To be received by all believers. So, just to share the smile on my face, let me just list those things Paul is praying, things we all can pray.

Paul’s prayer list:

  • spiritual wisdom and understanding
  • to walk in a manner worthy of God
  • to bear fruit in good work
  • to increase in knowledge of God
  • to be pleasing to God
  • to be strengthened with God’s power for endurance and patience, having joy throughout
  • to be thankful because God has qualified them to inherit the light, having been delivered from darkness, and are now redeemed, forgiven.

I admit, for much too long as a young believer, Paul was probably my least favorite “hero” of the Bible. Somewhere, it the quirkiness of how my mind and heart work I felt I could never live up to Paul’s expectations, let alone God’s. I know, I always thought it odd myself, considering God used so many of Paul’s writing to lead me to where I am today. As my foundation of faith increased, I started looking deeper into the life of the man known as Saul, and the man known as Paul, and I am amazed, and contrite, at how blind I was. Sometimes as ‘newbies’ we look at scripture for what is easy for us to accept, skimming the surface and missing the depth of Grace, the depths of Love in all those early believers that God inspired to lead the future world into great Truth. But those who seek Him with all their heart will find Him and discover that perceptions change the more we study, the more we lay ourselves down as our own authority and submit to Him as Lord.

Now, I find such joy in the simple things I find, like the prayers of Paul. He was speaking to the Colossians. In those God-inspired words, Paul is speaking to me; and to you.




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