Every day…

This day started with snow, followed by sleet, and now it is freezing rain. A lot of cancellations to keep folks safe. The promise that in a few hours the temperature will rise above freezing and the rain will no longer freeze and what’s on the ground and streets will melt as the rain continues to fall.

Something different every day. So it is with our lives. Change is constant. Sometimes good, sometimes not. Always with choices that determine the level of impact in the change.

It’s quiet today. Not a lot of noise in the apartment building. Very little traffic on the roads. The kind of day for praying, and reflecting, and setting in motion things too often put off for a later date. Or, a day for a long movie, a good book, or watching life outside the window in all it’s ice-covered beauty.  Choices on how to fill the hours on this day.

Like thinking about what I heard yesterday during a lecture by a Christians psychologist talking at a pastor’s conference. Or thinking about the current novel,  which even when I’m not writing is developing in my thoughts. About all the things I have planned, things I know I’m supposed to do, things I have an opportunity to do but the time just doesn’t seem to be in supply. Thinking about priorities, and health, and peace.

Yes, that’s the kind of day it is, and I feel totally ill-equipped today to write about scripture, and the brain is too tired right now to go into reflections on how the Lord has blessed me, taught me, and forgiven me…except to say He has, tremendously and abundantly.

We all have days full of changes, and planning that doesn’t go anywhere. It is part of being a human being. It’s part of doing life. How good it is to know God isn’t surprised by any of it.

So live your day in however it unfolds. It would be great if you can enjoy this day. But if enjoy turns out to be closer to endure, remember His mercies are new every morning, so there is always hope for the believer.  A time will come when all the not so great things will disappear into joy, unspeakable joy.  Every day.

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