Sometimes there are just no answers

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make a list and then just go to the store to pick and choose among a variety of answers to our many whys?

Why did I lose that job? Why did that person I loved die so suddenly? Why did that relationship end? Why do I have to live with a chronic disease? Why? Why? Why?

We could spend a lot of time looking for answers. Sometimes we’ll find them. But sometimes there are just no answers. At least within our reach. And sometimes when we ask God He remains silent and we choose to exercise our trust in Him and go on with life.

The world today is faced with a major question. The coronavirus is global, and that is something we have not faced before in our lifetime, and we can ask all kinds of why, but even the answers are trickling down, and the condition of the world has made it so easy to doubt anything we are told.

Our answer as believers is to turn to God. We may not get a specific answer to why this is happening now, but we might get other questions that we are faced with answering. Like, what are you going to do that is positive? How will you help others while keeping everyone safe? How will you pray? How will you keep connected with family and friends? How will you choose to view this whole experience?

When you start asking those kinds of questions, other thoughts come to mind. Like, isn’t it interesting that in this world of conflict, hate, and self-serving individuals, that in isolation we are finding we have more in common than ever before? That there is a sense of cautious unity that rises above personal comfort, above political agendas, and above prejudices as we face the same invisible enemy for survival.

And, being realistic, there also exists a unity in those who are critical, judgemental, and who have and will continue to take advantage of this pandemic situation to financially improve their lives.

All that to say, no matter what, sometimes there will just be no answers. As believers, one thing we do know, God hasn’t deserted us. He loves us. And in the midst of all this new chaos, we are already seeing His hand in the many good things, the great ministry, happening in small communities and large.

Yes, some of us may get sick. Some of us may even die. But waiting for the maybes to come to pass in an attitude of fear is not living. It is bondage. Our greatest comfort, as believers, we win either way. So I choose to go about my life as normally as I can, trust God with the answers I can’t get, and praise Him through it all.

Seek Him with all your heart and He will be found. That’s a promise He’s given us.

And, if you just need someone to connect with, I’m here. –Vicki


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