Options online

All over the country churches were choosing to stream their services online this weekend.  A few years ago, that wouldn’t have been possible. Now, with the internet, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and computers, we have so many options not only for church services but also for news, movies, and reading material.

In the Kansas City area, a church held its service right outside its front door, connecting to a radio platform, and church members parked in the parking lot with their windows rolled up, tuned in to the radio and had church in their cars in the church parking lot. They saw the preaching with their own eyes and heard it over their vehicle radio. A drive-in church. For applause, they honked their horns. I watched a video clip of it and had to admire how creative the people of God can be in order to get God’s Word out to people.  Some churches held live-streamed services from a church empty of its congregation, with just the preacher, worship leader, and those needed for technical things making it work.  Some recorded a service ahead of time and then put it up for viewing at the same time as the regular service.

The world is doing its best to stay connected. Locally, we’ve been given the shelter-in-place order to begin at 12:01 am Tuesday. Right now we are limited to no more than 10 people in a gathering. In my building, we were advised last week not to even congregate, and our public areas were basically shut down. Understandable since we are all “senior citizens”. We haven’t had any confirmed cases of the coronavirus in this area and hopefully, these new measures will keep that from ever happening.

This is our reality now. It isn’t going to be easy.  But at least we have options for communications. And the many local and national news people are providing information as quickly as something new comes up.

I hope you were able to attend church today. Either live or after the fact. Take advantage of all the things you are offered, whether it is the church services, early release movies, or many discounts available for a variety of services. However, one thing we all must be cautious of is the many scammers out there. My phone has been going off almost non-stop with calls from documented scammer numbers. We also have to be aware of the price gauging going on, and the amazing items suddenly appearing that we can purchase as a substitute for hard to find things we normally buy.

God instructed us to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents. In this day and age, that still makes perfect sense.

Eat healthily, get the rest you need, occupy your mind, and get some exercise. Most importantly read or listen to God’s Word and be in communication with Him.

Be blessed! – Vicki


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