Reality is…

Not so long ago the talk was about the need for Daylight Saving Time. Not so long ago the news feeds were full of debates, primaries, and candidates bowing out of the presidential race. Not so long ago winter storms were raging across the upper and eastern United States.

Not so long ago an occasional newscast talked about a curious virus in China.

In my hometown, our shelter in place has been extended. In my hometown, like in many, there are those who are ignoring the no more than 10 people in a gathering mandate; ignoring the social distancing mandate.

In my apartment building, we started the social distancing a week before the city announced it. We’re seniors here, it was to protect us and those that worked here. Lives changed. Not just here. Everywhere.

The reality is, more change is coming. I sat in the early evening, windows open, enjoying the breeze coming through, the occasional outdoor sounds, and felt a burden fall over me. All those people that have died. All those healthcare workers that are sure they will get sick, but their call to serve others is higher than their call to serve themselves. For all of the first responders who don’t have adequate equipment to protect themselves, and are separating themselves from their children to protect them…and I sit here in my little apartment, for all appearances safe, and for now, healthy, and I felt guilty. Survivors guilt?

I pray.  And I know, because I have the time, because I am familiar with scripture, and because I trust God, that I need to pray more. That’s the call on my life at this time. I can no longer be the one who runs errands for people. I can no longer be the one that can pay someone’s utility bill, or get groceries to help them out. I can no longer sit face to face and listen to the people who just need to talk, need to know someone sees them and cares.  That all changed long enough ago I no longer grieve that loss. What I cannot do is sit in my home, watch the news, and be tempted to give up because this is a tragedy yet to completely unfold.

Each season of our life has a purpose and an opportunity to share the Lord with people. Not everyone has internet or smartphones, and they don’t have the contact some of us do have. A card, a letter, a phone call, all communication tools that were still thriving when I was younger, can go a long way in touching lives.

God taught me to simplify. It didn’t mean my thinking processes, my caring ability, was diminished. In my season of life, I choose to do what I can, even if it doesn’t seem like much. Those of us who are not in the health care field, or first responders, or working in those jobs that keep life moving, can still be productive. Please know that even in this, God is in control, is teaching us, perhaps restoring in us something the busyness of life was wearing down.

You are not alone. You are loved. Find a way to connect, for yourself, and for others. Don’t let your time be pulled away into a hole in space accomplishing nothing. For your own well being, engage.

Something I learned a long time ago: My walk of faith is one of choice. Not always easy, but without regret.

Be kind to yourselves. Be kind to others. Trust God above all else. – Vicki



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