A time to live…A time to pray

If you’ve seen any of my blogs or social media posts, you know Thursdays are my dedicated prayer day. I have a “book” on my computer that has many prayer requests. The best part is that next to the prayer, I add the answer to the prayer. Sometimes it isn’t what I, or the person requesting prayer, expects. That’s where trusting God is vital. That’s where knowing He loves us, offering Grace and Mercy as our Father, Brother, and Comforter will sustain us.

The days we are living now seem overwhelming in the amount of prayer needed for a staggering amount of people. I have asked the Lord if my final years are to be like Anna, the prophetess who spent her days at Temple fasting and praying. My answer was more a comparison to Esther, for such a time as this. 

Prayer is not a one day a week thing, for any of us believers. But for over a year, the Lord had me focus not only on gathering prayer requests but doing an extensive study time on Thursdays. I called it my God Day. The child in me still likes to name things.

Thursday was filled and naturally overflowed into the rest of the week. I took free seminary classes. I also did up to twenty hours a week online studying the Bible systematically in college-level courses taught by a Bible college professor at his church. I learned how to examine all kinds of things, from scripture to doctrine to preaching styles. I learned how to settle without doubt into my own belief system. I learned just how much I didn’t know. I believed I was in preparation, though I couldn’t have told you for what. For my writing? For other ministries? To dig out any doubt and deception lying deep within myself? I think it was yes to all of those.

Now, here it is, Thursday, still my God Day, but with a different focus. The focus of the whole world seems different. I will still go to the prayer book and pray. I will still let people know I will pray for, and with, them. The intense study is done. I listen to the Bible more than I read it nowadays.  I watch the news, feeling almost ill at what I hear, and then I go to the Lord because, in my life, that is all I can do. But, it is the best thing to do.

It is Thursday. Pray with me. The world needs it. We all need it. – Vicki



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