The world outside the window

I was watching the cat this afternoon. He has three windows he likes to sit in front of at different times to see different views of the world outside the apartment. He was a stray cat before he adopted me over five years ago and now is confined inside this small place we call home.

Sometimes he runs from one window to the other. Sometimes he settles and takes a nap. Some times he sits and makes noises and then turns to look at me for a moment before he returns to his viewing position.

I wonder if the Lord views me sometimes as I view the cat. In this time of sheltering in place, I find myself standing at the window looking out. Or sitting at the computer looking out. Or sitting in the rocking chair…you got it, looking out. And sometimes I make noises too and even ask the cat what he thinks.

Mostly, though, I stare out at the world that is getting greener and greener and listen to the birds, wonder what the dogs across the street are barking at, and thank God that I have yards and bushes and trees to see and not just walls, and concrete, and emptiness.

It snowed last night, but the snow is now gone. The cold will move out and tomorrow  Spring will return and the windows will be open again. More to be thankful for. I find it amusing that when the sudden disturbing thoughts rise proclaiming that our lives are not what they used to be, and likely never will be again, it’s watching a cat that reminds me who is in control and just how much I have to be thankful for. Change is constant. We’re just not used to it happening so quickly and with such enormity.

With eyes focused on Jesus, with hearts full of gratefulness, with mouths offering praise and prayer, we’ll get through it all one step at a time. His Word is that lamp at our feet to provide the light that guides us that one step, and then the next, and then the next.

And we’ll move from one position to another, maybe make some noise along the way, and then settle again. And through it all, we are never alone. Jesus promised. “I will be with you always…”

Good enough for me, no matter what season of life I’m facing.  – Vicki

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