There’s such a thing as overthinking…

Perhaps not to the point where patina starts to form, but still, I’ve been known to overthink a thing or two. Or three. Or four. Or…you get it.

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this blog site. I have less than a month to decide and it became clear to me today that I was overthinking it.  With the uncertainty of the days ahead,  I was weighing the cost, the time spent here, the impact, all the things that could be important, and found it hard to decide. But today I’ve made a choice. The site stays in a simplified form. Instead of it being a freelancer site, I’m going back to a blog site.  I like this design, because of its ability to add videos, but having those things is not necessary. But the design can stay. Later, on the writer’s site that I develop, there will more of the techy stuff. So, if you do notice any difference, other than no videos, it won’t be major as long as I keep the design as it is right now.

Meanwhile, the weekly blog schedule will continue, along with any additions the Lord leads me to make.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.  Here in northwest Missouri, it is sunny, mid-sixties, and quiet. Afternoons like that are pleasant.  Especially when a few days ago we had accumulating snow. I am grateful that God blesses us with days like these. Be safe. Know you are loved. – Vicki

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