You can’t see me…in plain sight

Well, maybe not plain site. How about under the coffee table? Which is almost plain sight.

The cat, my companion for the last six years, used to be deathly afraid of thunder. One little rumble, and he was off to hide. The picture above was on a particularly dark day, so under the coffee table seemed fine. And, because it must have been comfortable down there, after the rain moved on, and the sunshine returned, he remained curled up, and I got down with my camera and captured him. I thought he looked particularly cute. My opinion, of course.

Now, when it thunders, he practically stands in a window and dares the thunder to get him. That’s what knowing you are secure does for you. He was a hungry, homeless creature. He loved people, and dogs, and other cats, and yet his first people had moved away – he had been abandoned. I was working two jobs when I got him, so I was gone more than I was home. When I settled down to one part-time job and was home more, when he could be sure there would always be food out for him, when he was allowed his favorite spots (the back of the sofa and the top of the bookcase) to look out over his domain, he settled.

Aren’t we humans like that sometimes? When we have something good, and suddenly it is ripped away from us, doesn’t fear wrap itself around us, and the best we can do is hide and hope that soon it will go away?

Security goes a long way. In my life, in the life of any believer, there is a security that goes beyond understanding. A security that is based on the gift that Jesus has given us for life that never ends; with knowledge in the presence of His Spirit, that we can be secure in Him. Fear Not is a central message to believers all throughout the Bible. We can trust God. That doesn’t mean there won’t be things that will target us, will take us to our knees. That’s an excellent place to be, a great meeting place to talk to God about the very thing that has brought on the fear that taunts us.

Sometimes the harshness of what we faced in the past can hinder our sense of security, that willingness to trust. Fear is a natural emotion, one that can stop you in your tracks. But if you submit to the Lordship of Christ, no matter how deeply you struggle, a time will come in your life when God has proven Himself over and over again, and you see, you know, you can trust Him, and no matter what happens, you don’t have to be controlled by fear.

We live in a time where fear can rise quickly and take people in conflicting directions. God isn’t like that. He is steady. He is secure. Stay on the course. One step at a time, and eventually, the path will end – in His presence.

His steadfast love endures forever. – Vicki




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