Just a note

The site was offline for a day, or maybe two, I’m not really sure because I can see what you can’t. After some changes were made, the posts might as well have been posted with invisible ink, so those changes were deleted, and now it is workable again.

Obviously, the Tuesday post wasn’t written. It has not been an easy week. I’ll just leave it at that. Hopefully, Friday things will be close enough to my normal to get back on schedule.

If we weren’t still doing the shelter in place, if I still had my Jeep, I’d be driving around the countryside, praying I wouldn’t get lost. Wondering just how off-road the old thing could take me. If. If. If.

No matter how imperfect our lives get, there is one perfect thing we can hang on to. That one thing, that one person, is Jesus. He is still on the throne. He still loves us. All else fades in the light of that truth.

Be safe. Keep strong. Never, ever forget you are the beloved of God. – Vicki


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