New Stuff

An explanation of why there haven’t been blog posts this week, I’ve been working on the website in order to have some more flexibility in adding things for folks to see without having to hop from one page to another. From the home page at you will hopefully be able to see everything.

Tomorrow is my regular prayer day, inviting folks to send in prayer requests. Taking a detour this week. I’ve put on the home page a short video of our mayor and will add other videos tomorrow as it is usually the Mayors Prayer Breakfast Day, but with the COVID-19 restrictions, it’s happening via social media. So, now you’ll be a part of St. Joseph’s Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Day.

The website home page will have the most recent posts, and as I understand it you will still get the posts on their own page. I may be wrong, I’ll be finding out right along with you.

I hope you are staying safe and trusting God. – Vicki


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