A long road ahead

I’m not sure how or when I’ll be posting my blogs in the weeks to come. Right now, I’m letting God direct what I do or don’t do. This blog will continue to be where my sometimes sporadic nature will show itself, I’m afraid.

What I have begun is some studies on both black and white cultures in the Bible to further understand the roots of each better. A study I finished this morning turned my thoughts around, and now I’m rethinking my process. The study was by a black preacher, one I’ve enjoyed reading and listening to for at least 20 years. This study was based on a book he published in 2016. So it wasn’t one of those let me jump on the bandwagon things. It was a book on oneness. Something he has addressed for a long time. Part of the study was on what God says about all races and cultures and the racial myths that the church many, many years ago, claiming Biblical support that is not factual, used as a method to support political views at the time. Myths that have pulled so many people in so many directions because they have been heard as truth for so long that some still accept them as so. It’s about the reality that if people aren’t in line with God, then chaos grows and grows and grows.

We can be one. We can embrace and celebrate the differences that God created in us. I believe that we can.  If we get out of God’s way.

And now, it’s back to the research, because that’s what I do. The study today resonated, but it was just one study. God requires me to be like a Berean, and check everything I hear. I know many churches are trying to determine how to maneuver these times. I’ve heard some pastors talk about the things we can do to implement change. Good.  But there also has to be a heart change in all people. It’s a process. Faith and works, together. Each one of us with different skill sets, different visions, different lifestyles that determine what can or cannot be done. And the journey to repairing damage started so many years ago is going to be a long, long road.

I am just sharing some information that spoke to me, observations about changes I can make. Things that I not only can do but must do.

Chaos is here my friends. And unless we believers can realign ourselves to the truth taught in God’s Word, can weed out the myths we might have innocently taken as truth, it will continue to grow. Another major ploy by the enemy to not only get us off-track but to keep us there. So, I’m doing what I do, I’m studying to show myself approved unto God, a workman that needs not be ashamed, and who is rightly dividing the word of truth. (paraphrased from 2 Tim 2:15)

If you don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior, your chaos, especially the chaos inside of you, can only get worse. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I came to the Lord sitting on my parents’ front porch, on an old swing, reading a book. It was one of those rainy late Spring days that I still love. I’d had a friend in college who shared about Jesus. Not annoyingly so, but often.  She later became a missionary. She was a kind and sweet person that wanted just to share the love she had for Jesus, the love He had for her. The truth hit me suddenly that May afternoon, and as all the picture pieces came together, I knew all Jesus wanted, was for me to accept His love, and follow Him. So I told Him I was sorry I had pushed Him away for so long. I was sorry for the things that I knew I had to have done that was offensive to Him; too many to even bring to mind. And I told Him I loved Him and wanted Him in my life.

It was a simple beginning, but it was a beginning. And I followed up on it and found a church and began to learn all I could about the Son of God, who had changed me from the inside out. That’s where real change has to take place. If you aren’t part of His family of believers, please seriously consider it. If you would like further discussion, email me at vicki@vickiwhitlock.com.

So many things to deal with and the COVID-19 is still out there, growing in some areas. Please use wisdom. Be safe. God loves you.  I know, because the Bible says that God so loved the world…

Blessings my friends – Vicki



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