Monday – again

It’s not raining. It is already muggy and expected to be very hot again. Summer has settled, at least for now.

I’m going to try and get videos and/or readings on the home page during the week, and blog when there’s something I can’t not write, so I hope you can at least check the homepage sometimes. I won’t promise every day to have something different there, but I’ll try.

I listened to one of at least two daily devotions from two very different viewpoints on how to act out our lives as believers. All Bible-based. All sincere. All proof in the individuality of our relationship with God.

I’ve also been thinking about emotion. The news is full of the emotions shown in the variety of issues the world-at-large faces these days. Emotions are God-given, and they rise or fall in many different ways. To say emotions are not necessary is irresponsible. To say my decisions should be based on emotions is dangerous.  God gave us the power to reason to rise above the emotions that could carry us in so many directions and create such pain.

Faith can’t be based on emotions. Yes, emotions are a part of our faith. But if our faith followed only our emotions, we could be on a quickly moving roller coaster ride. Emotions can lie. God can’t. So my faith is based on what God says, and not what my emotions dictate. Opting instead to hold fast to God’s Word no matter what the emotions may be doing. And, if the emotions are in alignment with God’s Word, I will rejoice. If not, I will be persistent in reminding myself of what God says until there is a balance in His peace.

Just some first cup of coffee thoughts before I get on with the day. I have some balance of my own to return to. One thing I know, no matter what we see in the news and in our communities and even in our relationships, God is in control, and as believers, we can have the assurance that somehow, eventually,  it’s going to work out for good, according to His Will, not ours. God promised and He can’t lie.

Blessings – Vicki




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