Start. Pause. Stop. Record. Which will it be?

Well, it ended up being a “pause” this time as I took the time to finally finish the editing and rewrite of the novel. It is submitted now and I can turn my thoughts to other things. At least for a while.

The courses I am taking on discipleship are great. It will take me most of the year to get through them all, but anything that makes understanding God’s design and how to interact with others is well worth it. Of course, being semi-sheltering in place hinders the interaction part, but it certainly gave me time to work on the book and studies.

Early church this morning was encouraging. This COVID-19 has made all of us take a deeper look into our own faith, and what it means to be a true servant of Christ. Which in turn enables us to have a clearer view of the role a believer has in the social unrest, the chaos of the political arena, and a new upsurge in COVID-19 being detected in various places.

I am not going to promise a return to a set schedule for the blog, but I am going to try to have some consistency. The format of the website may change somewhat as I continue to unveil how the Lord is wanting me to use this opportunity, but the blog will still be a conversation with the readers, my friends.

So, the pause button has been released and the start button hit, once again. We remain in this journey together and will take it step-by-step, growing in His Grace and Mercy.  Have a blessed Lord’s Day. –  Vicki





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