I’ve finally chosen the first topic to explore and share. I’ve decided to go to the subject of communication and will be starting in the book of James. Of course, I won’t park just there, I’m sure there will also be communication truths to be found in Philippians, Ephesians, Proverbs, and wherever else I am led as I continue to dig. It will take some time, and so I don’t anticipate being able to write daily blogs, but hopefully, I will be back to two days a week, Monday and Friday, to give me time to settle my mind and spirit around and into God’s Word.

We are all attempting to reenter life without all the restrictions Covid-19 brought us, but it won’t ever be like it was before. If we took advantage of the time God gave us to slow down, time to be in prayer and seeking Him, I think we have a new life with a deeper relationship with our Lord.

I have no desire to rush this. I can be guilty of hyper-focusing on one thing and letting  other things go. So I’m not setting a schedule of one topic a week. I want to get as much as I can out of this series of studies, and I want to share the things with you that impact me the most. I may spend many days on one thing, and just hours on another. I’ll let the Lord lead me in that.

I also have my other writing to keep on top of. The proof for my first fiction work arrived, and I need to go through it carefully to check for anything that screams out, “CHANGE THIS!”

The time to put into study and writing is a gift I am most grateful for. My prayer is that I use it wisely, and can share some of the results with you.

Continue to be safe. Continue to seek God. Continue to live in His Love. – Vicki

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