Communication. Definitions. God’s sovereignty.

Some days, as we are striving to be and do all, for the glory of God, we forget just how much of self goes into our efforts. The same is true in communication, or, as in my case, striving to improve communication.

I came across this quote the other day and it grabbed hold of me. I’ve gone back to it several times and, as is often the case, here it is for you to read and meditate on.

“Putting aside the foolish confidence as though we had some ability to help the Word along in the hearer, let us rather engage in the prayer that without us He alone may perfect in the hearer what He speaks in the teacher. For it is He who speaks, and it is He who hears and works all in all people. We are His vessels and instruments, powerless either to receive or to give unless He Himself gives and receives.”- Martin Luther.

Oh, the path the Lord has me on still exists. But the exciting thing about the Lord, when we are submitted to Him, truly seek to glorify Him, things like this come across our path, allowing us to filter our self-motivated efforts through them until they are purified for more efficient use.

And, sometimes, in prayer, we are reminded that in His sovereignty, God decides where Justice falls, just as He determines where Grace and Mercy fall. Love is my response to His sovereignty, toward Him, toward the people in and out of my life, as well as around this world I temporarily call home.

I listened to a study on joy and happiness the other day. I believe in the past I’ve even written blog posts on it. But this study looked at the original language, the original meanings, and it is amazing how definitions have morphed over the years. It is so easy for us to take modern definitions of words and apply them to the words written so very long ago. It’s no wonder our communications are warped at times. How I interpret a common word can be totally different than the person standing beside me, and far different than the original intended definition.

For me, it strengthens my need, as we are told in the Bible, to study to show myself approved. The truth can become complicated when we wrap too much of ourselves around it. We can hinder the simplicity and make the whole concept of redemption hard to understand.

No, I’m not saying everyone should learn Greek or Hebrew. Having good tools to help us, having educated teachers to empower us, help us not only be disciples but make disciples. And, without good communication, that is a hard, hard task to try to undertake.

Right here, right now I can say that the joy of the Lord is my strength. And that, my friends, makes me very happy. By both the Greek definition and the Americanized definition.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone. – Vicki

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