Old world…new world

I missed the Monday post, and I will probably miss the Friday post, although that isn’t certain. It has been an interesting week so far, but one which God’s Spirit has used to teach, to comfort, and to correct me on some things.

And today I am tired. Physically, mentally, even in some ways, spiritually. But, He is still here with me, and He’s okay with me changing up the schedule a bit to accommodate my needs and to get some work done on the publication of the book and setting up the author’s website.

Even so, on my mind, are things from the past I remember as difficult, and can’t help but compare them to things happening today. The old world problems, the new world problems, not really different just a change in the packaging. The core of each lies in our rebellion again the God who wants to love us and bring us home to be with him. A parent that teaches, and corrects, and is as gentle as He needs to be and as firm as He needs to be to develop us into people of character, truth, and love.

Not always an easy road to walk. Sometimes it’s more of a stumble than a walk. But always, always, He is there ready with a hand reaching down to help us up.

That is what today is for me. He’s allowing me to bask in His tenderness and love as I prepare for the next round of life. I am grateful for His mercy, for His grace, for His unbelievably powerful and upholding love.

Be kind to yourselves, my friends. Be kind to others. Hold on tight to God and all He is. – Vicki


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