Catching up

Hello! I’m still getting caught up on a lot of things, but wanted to take a moment to say hi to my friends.

Summer has returned here to northwest Missouri. Our days of Fall-like weather have switched back to the 90 degree plus days, with heat indices of near 100 degrees. The rain has stopped, which is giving the folks on the south side of town a breather as they try to recover from flooding. Many churches and organizations have rallied to help the recovery efforts, which is good to see in such turbulent times.

Like most, I watch the weather reports of the hurricanes headed toward the Gulf and pray for those who may get a double hit.

Today’s post won’t be long. In fact, my posts, which are more like notes to my friends, may become shorter but more frequent. I will take it in the direction the Lord leads it. I am also trying to keep things moving on the home page, so I hope you can check that out as well.

Stay safe my friends. We’re still fighting Corona, we’re still fighting unrest, and the stress levels are high for many in this election year. Rest in Jesus. Remember that God is sovereign and whatever happens in our lives, He is not surprised. In the midst of whatever chaos we find ourselves wrapped in, we remain ambassadors for Christ, and how we conduct ourselves as believers can change the world, for better or worse. Let’s choose by faith to make it better, so much better!

Blessings – Vicki

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