So, here we are….

After playing around with an author’s website, I’ve decided to combine everything I have on this site. It’s still a writer’s site, and that’s what I am. And whether it’s blogging, or writing fiction stories about believers trying to make their way through life, at this place I can save time, and money, and most importantly give God all the glory!

I know I said that I would be posting videos on Sundays, but as you can see the format of the web page has changed, and I am not sure I have that option here. I’m still exploring, hoping to give everyone more than just me.

In any event, I see some have found their way to this weekend to get a free copy of my book Uncrossable Barriers. I hope you enjoy it. The promotion goes until midnight. The more I write the more you will see information about my work here on This writing life

The image above is the logo for my business EDM Publishing. I like it. Books and flowers. Can’t get much better than that in this believer’s world. I will continue to write for the Lord as Vicki, and fiction as Ellen D. Miller. It keeps life interesting.

So, we’ll see how this adventure goes. I’ll see you again soon in the blog. May the Lord richly bless you, my friends! – Vicki


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