It didn’t copy as planned, so to give credit where due, the beautiful Fall photo above is an Image by Couleur from Pixabay 

I love Fall. The weather changes. The color changes. Like the photo, here in northwest Missouri trees are just starting to change. Big beautiful trees, with clumps of orange or yellow in the midst of thick green foliage. Lovely.

I know I’ve absent for awhile. After the first book went live, I continued to work on the one I’d started last year. Have gotten it three fourths done, maybe more, and decided it just wasn’t working. So I’ve been doing some rethinking, have come up with some adjustments, and will continue. But not at the frenzied pace I was going. A pace that can quickly burn you out, cause you to avoid other things, important things. When what you do becomes an idol, it’s time to put it back in its proper place.

Plus, I’ve been sick. Not COVID-19, at least I don’t think it was. I believe it was bronchitis, a yearly deal with me that occurs any time from mid September on, and the Lord has blessed me with limited coughing this time, and I’m feeling much better. Still, because caution seems to be involved in everything these days, I’ve isolated myself for 10 days after the first symptoms.

I started Fall cleaning just before it started, which mean clearing out closets, moving furniture, etc, etc, and I’m sure that contributed some to the sickness. That was put on pause, and will pick up again on Monday. Well, maybe this weekend. I had a lot of boxes I was saving thinking I was going to move, but that doesn’t seem to be happening, so I’ve torn all those boxes down, bagged them for easy transport, and they are leaning against the closet in the dining room. There are more boxes to break down, so by the time I’m done the dumpster will hate seeing me come. (What? Dumpsters aren’t alive?)

Anyway, I thought I’d touch base with you, let you know that God is still on His Throne, still continues to convict, and encourage, and strengthen in all areas of my life. I’ve been shown sections of my life that He directed me years ago to change, and in the last few months I’ve returned to pieces of the old life. Not acceptable. He directed me to this life of simplicity, to protect me, to provide for me, to show His love is always there for me. He created me, He knows what works best for me. It’s so easy to listen to what others say, to take it to heart without seeking God’s view. The world, the enemy, knows how to sneak things into our lives that seem good, but in reality direct us away from our focus on God.

So, not only is the apartment getting a Fall cleaning and makeover, but this ole gal is as well. Inside and out. Praise Him. His love is never ending, and He will always work in our lives to make them better. Sometimes with a gentle hand, sometimes with a firm and strong hand. Truth is truth, and sometimes taking it in causes pain. But in pain, positive change can grow and ultimately we are glad for what might have been hard at first.

So, on to the freshness of Fall. A new season that brings great beauty.

Blessings my friends. – Vicki

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