November on its way out?

First of all, an apology if anyone tried to access this site and couldn’t. I’ve had the same problems. When you increase security on your site you really need to know more about how that can change things. I had security before, it is even better now.

Anyway, it was set at private for a while while my internet glitches continued, and my privacy issues were reconfigured, and I hope it is available again to everyone now. What a month, what a year, it has been.

Meanwhile, I’m hearing the still soft voice reminding me of the promise I made when I started writing fiction. A promise not to stray away from the blog. A blog started years ago to share glimpses of my journey with Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, my Teacher. So, apologies offered.

I am three, maybe four chapters away from the completion the first draft of the mystery I started last summer. Started. Stopped. Wrote another book. Started again. Totally revamped it, and now the first draft is almost done. Then the real work begins in the editing, and rewriting which means an additional two drafts at least.

But, now that this site is up again, it has a priority in my writing. Not going to promise specific times, but I will, with God’s help, be more faithful.

Today is a sunny day in northwest Missouri. Warm enough the furnace is not on. Chilly enough I put sweats on. I like wearing them, they’re comfortable, and if I get to save some money in power bills and still be comfortable, so be it.

We are about to go into another ‘lock-down’ in my apartment building on the first of December. Our COVID-19 cases have been steadily increasing and so to protect us, management has decided to take this action. But at least this time we know more about COVID-19, and what we can and cannot do and stay safe when we go out. So the building will be in lock-down, meaning people other than residents can’t come in unless essential, but we have the ability to go out since the community is not sheltering in place this time. Like most places, face masks and social distancing are required. My prayer is that it doesn’t get so bad that we are required to shelter in place.

The thing to rejoice in, there is a good chance we’ll have a vaccine before too long. It will be months before it is widely available, but what it does do is offer hope. And this world is in major need of hope right now, wherever we can find it.

For me, that hope is found in God, the author, and finisher of my faith. No matter how many changes happen, and changes can be expected, God is still sovereign and I can trust Him. This world is my training ground, with very hard things to endure, and very great accomplishments, and great joy to embrace. My hope is in the future with Him. My hope for today is the joy I have in knowing He is with me, always, in all, I go through. And so, for Him, I write.

I’m going to play around with the site some. Change the name to not focus on writing, maybe not focus on anything, merely simplify it even more, and get back blogging. It feels good to be back. Have a blessed day! – Vicki

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