A little change up

At least the computer and internet, after changes, updates, etc., are now working with some stability. I sometimes wonder if I work with real stability, especially with the shape the world, and the way life is happening today. And then the Lord reminds me that He is my foundation, He will never leave me, He wants me to be with Him in Heaven. I heard a preacher talk on that early this morning, how scriptures show that not only do we want to go to Heaven to be with Jesus, but that He wants us there with him. That, my friends, confirms stability!

I had started an online Advent study but I only lasted two days. It was mostly Facebook interactions, and not the zoom meetings like the last one, where you at least feel somewhat like you are at a home study. I don’t “do” Facebook chit-chat. I know others do, and it is a blessing to them as a communication tool. But I find it frustrating and time consuming trying to keep up with everyone’s comments, and replies, which takes away my enjoyment of a study like that.

Back to the change up. Further proof of how easily I am distracted.

There will be two more blogs after this before Christmas. I will try to do something more tuned to the season, either music or a video to watch. The Tuesday studies will return in January, and this blog will get back to the original format.

I’m going to post a sermon by David Jeremiah titled God is With Us. It is about half an hour, if you need to time your viewing. Next week you’ll probably get a kid’s version of the Christmas story.

I am not promoting any ministry with these videos, just offering a variety of Christmas teaching.

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