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Good Friday

Warning – Just some faith thoughts on this Good Friday afternoon:

Dear God: It was a harsh and sad day in the past. It is the beginning of eternity for those of us who believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who chose to die and rose again to offer us that gift of eternal life with Him.

Hope wasn’t there for the disciples who walked with him, not as we have it today. Today marks time as that place where the greatest love was demonstrated. I can’t grieve a loss like those early disciples. I can’t see I am expected to do so. But I can recognize and respect their pain, fear, and loss. And I can rejoice in the experience of the resurrection they had. Rejoice in how they began their journey to share with the rest of the world.

In this time that we live in, where religion and faith can be far apart, I sometimes wonder how people now would respond to the events of all those years ago.

We are not perfect. We make mistakes. We sin, and often don’t even know we do it. And sometimes, we know all too well we are sinning. But have managed to convince ourselves it isn’t really that big a deal. Yes, He will forgive us if we ask. But it can’t be about just asking. There has to also be repentance, and that has become such a stumbling block for people. God still loves us. God still wants us to accept that love. But He also expects repentance – that’s part of the deal He has with us regarding salvation. He wants us to accept that He is love, but He is also a just God.

Being a Christian isn’t easy. It was never promised to be easy. But the reward is so high, so great, that it is worth pushing through whatever we might have to push through. And something so important to remember – it is a life with joy. Real joy, deep down, knowing a far better world awaits us. It is having a worldwide family that loves and cares and prays.

When I think that it was the very nature of man that led to the need for a crucifixion for salvation, it can ache. But I won’t dwell in the past. I did what I needed to do, I accepted Jesus by faith as Lord and Savior. That gives me a place in eternity. And the chance to grow deeper and deeper in my faith.

Lord, open the hearts and minds of non-believing people to come to that decision as well. I’d like to get to know them throughout eternity.

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