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I received a Happy Anniversary notice on my WordPress dashboard, which hosts this website, as well as a few other sites that I have been on WordPress for 12 years. No wonder there are so many files archived!

My month-long break lasted one week. That did surprise me, more because I didn’t think I would be listening as well as I should to what I felt the Lord had to tell me. Once again, he rolled right over what “I thought” and proved himself faithful and loving.

In one class I learned that my doubts and discomfort in some areas of the most commonly recognized examples of Christian faith were shared by others who sometimes were taken into areas that led them beyond the God-inspired scripture given us to guide us. I pulled out of that class. I am a curious person, and sometimes that curiosity can take me where God does not want me to go.

In another class, I found there are plenty of people like me who just want truth in these times, to understand the Bible, and what theology really is as we approach what more and more seems like the end times. That class I continue.

I’m not saying that there aren’t good, solid people of faith, who have dedicated their lives to being active witnesses and ambassadors of Christ. What I’m saying is I, personally, saw how easy it is to be led down the wrong road without realizing it. Weren’t we warned that in the end times even the elect could be fooled?

Faith. What is it? How important is it? Why is it needed? Religious rules, what are they? Is there a difference between established traditions and commandments that are given in the Bible? What is the focus of faith? What is my goal in living this life I have chosen?

You would think, for someone who has walked with the Lord as long as I have, had the variety of training I’ve had, the wonderful ministry experiences, and the harsh and painful ones, that these questions would not arise.

Thank God they do! It keeps me seeking, it keeps me from falling into apathy. It assures me that obedience to seek Him is an act of worship. Faith has to be about a deep connection with the whole of the Triune God. I want the right relationship, not just fitting into a mold the world-view has that says Good Christian. If I am right with God, then I am right with other believers in our shared goal to reach the world for Christ.

So, this blog continues as my seeking continues.

God bless you, my friends. – Vicki

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