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One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where there isn’t anything really wrong but something doesn’t seem right? So you pray, and you listen to God’s Word, and you pray some more, and because you wonder if it is caused by a lack of sleep you lie down. But you don’t sleep. You think about what needs to be done. You think about people dealing with difficult things. And you pray. And you think some more. Finally, you think about how you’re putting off writing and doing things around the home that need to be done.

You also think about how gracious God is through it all, and how for the last few days, foremost on your mind is praising Him. You think about how you want to share the joy He brings to your life, and not always focus on the studies that are so helpful, but can sometimes feel so burdensome…

And, that has been my day as I sit down at the computer six hours later than usual. And my choice for the blog is not a study, but just this collection of random thoughts, and an old song that makes me smile and tap my feet.

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August 2022
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