on living this faith life together

August 11, 2014

A few years back, I went on to my first manly men’s canoe trip, which, thanks to Brian Jones and his asking (knowing that the outdoors to me equates to a hotel) me to tag along. There was a point where several of the guys were climbing up this small cliff and diving into the water. I remember Brian trying to get me to jump off, and I laughed and told him that I thought that it was funny that he thought his words would actually get me to jump.

In the same way, life’s hiccups and irritations can also be a consideration as to whether or not we’re going to jump off and away from the peace that passes all understanding/the joy of the Lord. And so, I found myself this morning with a weed eater on a familiar hill and just started smiling and then laughing because of last night. I got to watch my dear friends, as well as my youngest sons, attend their (Sam and Cole’s) first Christian concert. Sam was completely enthralled, his eyes could not be distracted, and at one point, during a biblical share from the lead singer of “Break the fall,” I saw tears streaming down his face. When we asked how he was then and afterward, he grew excited and got autographs from the whole band.

I needed that moment last night; you probably don’t understand that, but, as parents, we don’t always get the door opened to see vulnerability in our kids, and it was awesome. But it doesn’t end there because I got to renew a covenant with the Lord last night and am embracing as much worship as my 47-year-old arms can raise, and it gives me perspective, which is what I need. Perspective looks past the pains and the perceived interferences in life; it slows down and enjoys the moment.

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