on living this faith life together


I have spent the last week with bronchitis. Coughing. Sleeping in a chair. More coughing. Sore ribs. Sore back. Sore knees from a too-low chair. And this morning, I can breathe.

The coughing is in the final stages. The amazing blessing is that many people were praying for me, and the quick recovery is joyous proof of how God moves in our lives. I have chronic bronchitis, and there have been times where it’s been a month of sleeping in a chair, coughing so hard I wondered if a normal breath would happen. And always, God was there, telling me, “breath Child, just breathe.” And I sometimes felt like it was His breath that breathed for me.

This last week, as I was mostly immobile, I listened to many lessons focused on the gospel. On the importance of making the message of the gospel primary above all other things in the church. The sad thing is, that there are many documented examples of churches that don’t do that. Churches that focus on controversies, both religious and political. Churches that promote programs more than preaching. Churches that are not mission-minded and are content to stay inside their comfort zones.

I, like everyone, have my preferences in church services. I have my reasons for why I prefer to avoid some types of church services, and they are my reasons, and I’m not going to share them. You have your own choices to make, choices led by time with the Lord in decision making. And sometimes, as I have done, you may leave a church because of a prayerful choice that has led you to do so.

Again, my choice may not be your choice. God still loves you, and what kind of a true believer would I be if I didn’t love you as well?

So, just a little something on my mind as God continues to teach me, correct me, and remind me that His plans are far above mine, and there can be no real peace, and no fulfilled faith journey until I surrender it all to Him. And, if called upon to do so, gracefully accept if what I hoped, what I believed could happen, isn’t His plan, and His answer is no.

If that happens, then I will remain ready to take on whatever He gives me, joyous that He entrusts me with his work. I will continue to breathe!

And when He decides my time of service here on earth is done, I will get to see Him face to face. That, my friends, is the gospel.

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