Is it Tuesday?

Do you ever do that? Question what day is it? If I didn’t have a doctor’s visit this morning and lab work to be done, I’d probably think it was Monday.

Thankful to say I’m still in fair shape for someone my age. There are some issues to address, but God is with me to make the right choices.

It has been fun doing Christmas in my new home. Now, I’m ready to put things away and prepare for the new year. I hope you all had a blessed time. And for those who have dealt with difficulties, sadness, grief, pain…any number of things that can hinder a celebratory time, I pray you have felt God with you through it all.

I’m not sure what will happen here on the blog. That’s normal for me, wanting to change things a bit. But it will remain a place to share the impact God has had on this believer’s life.

A short little blog this time. Praying you will enjoy your various celebrations safely and wisely, and I’ll be back next year.

God bless you! – Vicki

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