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The New Year Brings Changes

As you can see, the blog site is now up and running again. WordPress bloggers can still access the blogs on WordPress Reader page if they have signed up to follow. Those who signed up to have the blog sent to them via email will no longer have that option. It is still posted on the Vicki@FaithByChoice Twitter site and the Whitve@2ndfloordesk Twitter site.

I hope I can still do videos and the basic layout works okay. The flexibility I had with a business site is no longer available, but by switching to the personal site, credit from the business site was transferred, helping pay for this site. I deemed it a fair deal.

The schedule will remain the same, at least during January. I may add some things in February. The site will still focus on faith in Jesus but will combine some details in my writing projects.

Thank you for your patience as the new adjustments are made.

Today, take a moment to praise the Lord for all the good things in your life and not over-focus on those more challenging areas to deal with. I am going through the Book of Job in my daily reading plan, and so many statements could fit the attitude of the world today, as well as the attitude of believers.

It is definitely a book to meditate on, seek God regarding the troubling observations, and trust that truth, and wisdom, will come as a result of the whole reading. I personally am not at a point where I am comfortable making any comments because of being insecure in my understanding. The Holy Spirit will help me learn the truth God needs me to know.

However you are spending time in God’s Word, be assured it ultimately leads to the good promise He’s given all believers.

Never forget, when referring to God’s Word, the psalmist said, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. – Psalm 119:105

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