on living this faith life together

it is for me as well

 Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are
spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself,
lest you too be tempted.
Galatians 6:1 (ESV)

I had plans to write something else, but this was the verse for the day I
posted on this site, and I wanted to take a good look at it. Because it is a
simple method, I’ll do the word at a time brief study.

Brothers: As a way to start a statement, that word
clarifies who is to listen to the words, hear the words, and act on the words.
Brothers. Fellow believers.

Caught: Not acting on vague comments, gossip, or
assumptions. If anyone is caught in a transgression, it seems pretty
straightforward. It has to be witnessed by you personally, by a witness of two
people, or by a trusted spiritual leader.

Restore: Brought back into choices pleasing to the Lord. Not
verbally assaulted, but offering the gift of restoration and not our choice of

Gentleness: Not harsh, Not demanding. Not cold accusatory
words. Not words that relay the message of “I am living this life better
than you. You need to listen to me.” But offered in the spirit of
gentleness that comes from God. Love demonstrated.

Keep watch: This is a reminder that all of us must be
diligent in walking according to God’s Will, guided by His Word, and encouraged
in the process by the Holy Spirit.

Lest you: Amid transgression, the need to be open and
accepting of the caring interaction of others that follow God’s pattern is
crucial to their growth and ours. Ignoring transgression in others can lead to
missing it in ourselves.

I’ve said this before and will
again. Studies like this are often done because I need to remind myself of the
depth of specific scripture to ensure the impact in the life God requires of me.
The first step, always, is to pray and seek wisdom. God speaks to us in His
Word, relevant at all times, life-changing when and where needed. We are
individuals within the Body, each different. Sometimes I am an eye. Sometimes a
tongue. Sometimes a hand.

I am grateful for all God has given us to help us on this journey of faith.

Blessings – Vicki

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