Rainy days

A rainy day is not so bad a thing if the rain doesn’t impact your plans negatively. I’m taking it easy. For those who follow me, the back is better, the arm worse. But only if I lift it or move it sideways, so typing isn’t so bad as long as I don’t spend a long time at it.

I bought a new cushion for my old rocker recliner, which was too low for my knees, so now I can sit in it again. And I broke down and admitted if I wanted to get out and about in this new community I call home, waiting on the legs to improve quickly wasn’t going to happen. So, I bought one of those walkers where stand I upright and don’t lean over. Last year my therapist told me not to use the walker I have because I bent over too far and that was hard on my back issues and my balance. So, I finally got this one. It has a seat in case you get tired. And it forces me to straighten my back, which I need, and the seat is also a great carrier. Carrying anything with a cane in hand can be frustrating, to say the least.

It looks like this blog is going to be mostly a personal one. It happens sometimes.

I’ve been looking at what this simpler site will do. I’ve thought about doing podcasts like I was able to do with the ‘business’ site, but it doesn’t look like this plan has that option. Ah well, simple means simple.

I don’t have a prepared blog for today. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to type long enough. So, I’m going to encourage you again to do one of the many daily Bible reading plans. I’m doing a chronological plan and am in Leviticus right now. Reading about all the sins, and what was required to be forgiven of those sins, makes me even more thankful that Jesus made the choice to become a man, live and then die, to provide me an opportunity to be with Him through eternity. To know that my sin is forgiven. That the life awaiting me, and all believers, is going to be amazing.

If you haven’t, read Leviticus Chapters 5-7. You’ll see what I mean.

Now, I’m off until next time. Be blessed, my friends. – Vicki

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