on living this faith life together


I was thinking about the rough week I’d had when I read a Facebook post about not just a rough week but a scary couple of weeks someone else had to deal with. It settled some of my disquiet. God doesn’t want us to compare ourselves to other people, but I have to believe he does want us to be aware of the differences in the battles and the blessings. Not to mourn or gloat but to be mindful of what this life is all about.

It was perfect before the fall. It will be perfect again for believers who have submitted to Jesus, accepted his sacrifice, and recognized that on resurrection day, everything changed.

No one said it would be easy, and, believe me, I have days I wish it were a lot easier than it is. Days when I say out loud, “even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.” But now, we can get through the battling, chaos, and pain by trusting in Him, in His Love.

On this late March day, still in the 30s, but at least with the sun shining, I was given the gift of watching birds hopping across my little yard, searching through the grass. Simple pleasures where joy can be found.

God knows what we need. Time with Him. Time in His Word. Time to experience the beauty of His creation.

You are not alone, my friends. You are loved.

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March 2023
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