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Time escapes too often

Have you ever felt like time was getting away from you? I am sitting at my desk, looking at the calendar above my monitor. It is still reads March.

I missed some posts with you, and I’m hoping I can return to a routine. I continued having trouble sitting at the desk and finally broke down and got a new office chair. One with lumber support, thick cushions, the ability to slightly rock if I desire, and a high back so my still sore shoulder feels more support. It is comfortable. I talked myself out of the one that had heat and massage capabilities. The tightwad inside of me screamed NO! when I saw the cost.

I’m unsure what will happen with the blog, whether it will remain as is or undergo some reformatting. I did get a better plan to give me more flexibility, so I’ll problem spend some time experimenting.

The plan is to get serious about my writing again. I keep thinking about writing a devotional, but something like that has got to have clear direction from the Lord, and so far, I haven’t gotten that.

Meanwhile, the novel I was working on is still on the workboard, so that might get finished first before I start something new.

No matter what I write, faith in God will always be a part of it. Maybe I’ll take that simple life theme a little deeper and have fun with photos of my domineering cat and whatever other pictures I take. That old 35mm might have to come out of the closet.

The computer screen bounces up and down like I’m playing an old video game, so I will make this a short post. Be blessed, my friends, and I’ll be back with you soon. – Vicki

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