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May 2023

  • A bit of what is to come

    I wrote this earlier this morning as an introduction to a personal study, which will probably be shared here. I also posted it on Facebook, so if you follow my Facebook page you’ve already seen this little bit. As the study gets more organized, I’ll write some more. Either today, or tomorrow, or…. whenever. I… Continue reading

  • Choosing to be who God created me to be I’ve attempted different directions in the last two weeks, and discovered that I was reaching for stars that were not mine to reach for. The blessing is that God kindly revealed it to me before I’d made some major life decisions, major life mistakes. I am… Continue reading

  • Untitled post 10742

    Make a joyful noise! Okay, I’ve got the basics down. Not so bad after all. Patience in all things, mixed with tenacity, and eventually accomplishment happens. It’s mid to upper 80 degrees where I am. I finally turned the ceiling fan on. Probably not for long because it is a bit too cool. But when… Continue reading

  • Yeah, that didn’t last long

    Less than a week, and here I am again. Only, not going to continue with the blog as it was. But I can’t let this site go unused for a year. When the subscription is set to expire April 1, 2024, then I’ll decide how or if I want to continue with this site, or… Continue reading

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I am a folower of Christ, a life-long learner, and a writer of blogs and books


May 2023