on living this faith life together

Choosing to be who God created me to be

I’ve attempted different directions in the last two weeks, and discovered that I was reaching for stars that were not mine to reach for.

The blessing is that God kindly revealed it to me before I’d made some major life decisions, major life mistakes. I am grateful.

So, even though the “look” of this site is not what I particularly like, it is serviceable, and I need to start talking with you again about God. And need is the correct word. As I work on blog posts, God is speaking to me, and I’ve disconnected from that joy in Him that writing the blog brings me. And I’ve lost that sense of connection with my readers, so, this continues. The site may have other things, and the look may change as I experiment, but the faith-focused blog remains.

A specific day hasn’t been established, but maybe Wednesday is a better day. That mid-week thing we all need.

Seek God, listen for Him, trust Him to show you what you need, maybe not what you want, but what you need. He loves you more than any human could.

Be blessed today. – Vicki

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May 2023
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