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** Originally published when this site was A Simple Life**

Several years ago, I started a blog about my journey of faith. It was called Faith by Choice, Not Always Easy but Without Regret. It morphed over the years to become some of the archived posts I’ve included in the link in the next paragraph. A lot of the original blog is still available at Faith By Choice | Not always easy, but without regret (wordpress.com) It also has a link in the menu to some retrieved blog posts from a different site address I used for a short time.

I’ve collected as much as I can here of what was written after the Faith By Choice site changed. https://vickiwhitlock.wordpress.com/

Those early blogs were more of a journal, with occasional teaching, or sharing worship videos. Videos of other people. Sometimes I just shared scripture. Sometimes I shared someone’s sermon. Whatever the Lord was reaching me with at that point is what I shared. There’s probably even some recipes. 🙂

I got away from the blog because it was hard to keep up with when I started writing fiction. With two novels down, one in the works, I’ve realized just how much of an impact the blog had on me personally. So, I’m posting some of the old blogs, and hope to continue soon with new blogs here, as well as information on the books I’ve written under the pen name of Ellen D. Miller.

This site is called a Simple Life, because that is what the Lord has called me to live. Even though sometimes if feels far from simple, by taking so much of me out of the picture and focusing on, and trusting in Jesus, I came to understand what a Simple Life, even in the middle of chaos, my own and the world’s, was really all about.

Changes continue to be constant, and Christ continues on His Thrown.

Blessings – Vicki

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