Not Thursday…

Well, Thursday got away from me. Friday probably will as well. Unfortunately, I can’t say I was preoccupied with writing. I had phone calls to make, research on some medical and insurance things to start on, and a long overdue visit with a friend I wasn’t about to delay.

Today I have already had to pray down a sense of frustration over some inadequacies, from my viewpoint, knowing there were probably good reasons for actions, or in this case lack of actions, and so I will not create issues but thank the Lord for His peace. It wasn’t even something major, but it distracted my morning plans, which I was having a difficult enough time deciding I really needed to do.

The battle really does happen in the mind. The enemy attempts to distract, discourage, anger, create hopelessness, in the smallest, and oddest of ways. But, as always, taking time to chat with the Father makes all the difference in the world.

This afternoon I have some things to do that might be physically difficult for me. Or, they might not. I won’t know until I try. But difficult is not impossible and I have learned ways to accomplish difficult things with some creative solutions. I chose to consider those times a challenge, and in some situations, an adventure in discovery.

The mind can be a powerful thing for good.

We are expecting a nice weekend here in northwest Missouri. We, like many others, are also facing major Football games. I confess, I am not particularly interested in football. But I know many that are very, very, excited about Sunday’s games. For them, I hope it all happens as they want it to happen. Realizing, as in any competition, that someone will come away with major disappointment. The positive is that a lot of good happens as a result of the efforts teams and players are able to put into their communities because of their roles as professional sports people. Just as a lot of good happens as a result of areas that other people put equal amounts of devotion and excitement into. God has provided many gifts for us to work within. The depth of loyalty and excitement that a human is capable of can go in many different directions. My prayer for myself is that I have, and am growing into even deeper devotion, excitement, and love for Jesus, while enjoying and working to improve my writing.

Until next week’s blog, whatever day it actually happens, blessings.