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  • The New Year Brings Changes

    As you can see, the blog site is now up and running again. WordPress bloggers can still access the blogs on WordPress Reader page if they have signed up to follow. Those who signed up to have the blog sent to them via email will no longer have that option. It is still posted on… Continue reading

  • Changes

    Once again the blog will be pausing. This time as a result of answered prayer for a new home. So, the packing and all the things that go along with moving begins, as I have three weeks to wrap it all up and out. Keep the faith. Keep praying. Keep believing. Blessings to you my… Continue reading

  • Again…

    Major news in the last few days that will impact greatly. Without taking the time to self-educate, gain knowledge, and subsequently acquire wisdom, I have no place to discuss anything. Without those, my opinion holds no weight. But, I will share things that can help people understand complicated issues. In case anyone is interested, here… Continue reading

  • Take Heart My Friend

    I am not going to comment extensively on the events of the last week. First, I don’t have all the facts. Second, my opinions are not really important. What I can and will do is pray. What I can do today is share a comforting video from one of my favorite Christian songwriter/singers. So often… Continue reading

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May 2023