A simple life

It occurred to me as I was reviewing past posts the other day, and then looking at the current website, that I was contradicting the purpose of this site. All the photos, the carefully designed layout belied the idea of simplicity. Fun to put together, yes. But time consuming, and not exactly simple. So, I’ve minimized the site somewhat. It was a past design I’d used, simplifying things even more, and yes, just for fun, I kept my cat in the background as if peeking out at all of us. He thinks he deserves at least that amount of recognition.

I also realized that in trying to write the blog, and do a weekly scripture study, on top of my schedule as a fiction author, that I was not doing my best in any of them. So, my choice, for now, is to return to the kind of blog I used to do and not try to teach.

I’ve fought getting even this much done today. Either my computer, my browser, or my internet are not at all happy. I thought I had that resolved. Obviously not. So, I won’t be on here long, just a heads up to the changes, and I will be back Thursday.

Blessings my friends.