Hi, I’m Vicki

In case you haven’t been a part of my blog these many years, I’ll take just a moment to share a little about me. Looking back, I see I’ve been blogging for over twenty years. I started when it first became a “thing”. As the Lord has me-abrought me from a too-busy life to one much simpler and focused on His will for my life and not my own, I’ve documented the journey in my blogs.

Life is about faith, and relationships, and hurtful things, and joyous things and the beauty of creation in all forms. It is about being real with ourselves, and about ourselves. It is about accepting differences without compromising matters of the heart and soul. It is about forgiving ourselves as well as forgiving others. It is about giving and taking and finding love, hope, and joy.

So, I write. About my faith. About books. About observations of life. And now, I’ve added fiction into the mix. In the past, it took three blogs. I’ve finally learned how to downsize – a little.  It’s hard to give up years of words, hard to do any more than pause for a while before it’s time to continue. So on this site, they are on display. My life, one word at a time.

Learning as I go. Always.

Welcome to my world. – Vicki